Seven Best Ways To Enhance Your Health

You religiously hit the gym every afternoon.  You spend most of your Sunday prepping chicken, broccoli, and rice for that week’s lunches.  You make sure to go to bed at a reasonable hour and spend some time in meditation before starting your day.  You are doing everything “right” in order to help you lose weight or build muscle.  Or are you?  What about supplements?  Should you be taking them?

There are many types of supplements one can use to help reach certain physique and performance goals–some are obviously detrimental to an individual’s health (for example, PEDs or steroids), while others are important to ensure a person is getting the right micro and macronutrients into his daily diet.  So which supplements are vital for helping an athlete reach her goals?  The six products listed below are some supplements that individuals should consider taking to enhance their performance.

  1. Parrillo Multivitamins
: When dieting to lose weight, an individual will need to be in a caloric deficit.  As a result, a person may lack the micronutrients needed for repair and growth.  That’s where taking a daily multi-vitamin proves helpful!  Intaking a multi will help an athlete get the minerals and vitamins that he would otherwise not receive due to the decreased calorie consumption.
  2. Parrillo Mineral Electrolytes
: Maintaining an adequate balance of electrolytes in one’s body is vital for organs and muscles to function properly.  Excessive sweating and daily activities like going to the restroom can cause a loss of fluid, but too much loss will result in ineffective nerve signaling and muscle contractions.  Replacing sodium, potassium, and chloride in one’s bloodstream through this supplement effectively keeps a person functioning at a high level.
  3. Parrillo Bio- C: 
Vitamin C has been touted as helping to stop the onset of colds and other illnesses.  This micronutrient, however, also has the potential to form and maintain connective tissues and protect against eye disease and skin wrinkling.
  4. Parrillo Creatine: 
Creatine may initially cause a minimal amount of water retention because muscle starts holding onto liquid when starting this supplement, but the overall impact of creatine on physical performance is great.  Creatine helps supply growth to muscles, and the stronger/bigger the muscle, the more work it can do–which in turn will lead to more efficient and effective workouts.
  5. Parrillo All Protein Whey and Vitargo
: Many studies have shown whey protein to be readily absorbed post-workout when paired with a fast acting carbohydrate like Vitargo.  After training muscles are primed and looking for this macronutrient to fuel growth.  Fast-acting carbs help shuttle protein to muscles quickly, and whey protein is a great macronutrient source because of its low fiber and fat content (fiber and fat slows digestion).
  6. Met -Rx Meal Replacement
: Unlike whey protein, a meal replacement shake/bar contains varying amounts of macro and micronutrients, and as a result, not all meal replacements are created equally.  Check nutrition labels to see the fat, sodium, carbohydrate, protein, and sugar content in these replacement shakes and bars, and choose one that best fits your performance goals.  The Met-Rx Meal is easily accessible for the busy athlete who needs adequate caloric intake but may not have the time to sit down to a full meal.

Obtaining all of one’s needs through eating whole foods is optimal, but there are times when supplements will be needed.  In those instances, the seven items listed above CAN help an athlete perform to the best of his ability and make it easier to achieve his goals.