Personal Training

An individualized program for you!
The expert team at Lifestyle Fitness Training will create an individualized fitness and nutrition program for you based on your personal goals. With our personal training services, you will be monitored, motivated and held accountable like never before. Personal Training is the best option for maximum results.

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60 Minute Fitness Therapy One on One Sessions

We offer 60 minute Fitness Therapy sessions that are tailored to meet your fitness goals. Fitness Therapy is a specialized program for disabled, injured, or chronically ill individuals, consisting of physical exercises designed for specific goals and outcomes that promote total body health & wellness, which progress the individual to a greater level of independence.

Fitness therapy’s purpose is to focus on long-term recovery and prepare an individual to function independently by staying physically active across a lifespan, which begins right after a patient is discharged from physical therapy.


60 Minute Personal Training Sessions

For the beginner or advanced client, we offer 60 minute personal training sessions that are tailored to meet your fitness goals.


Small Group Training

Services Include: Private, duos, trios | Senior fitness

Small group training provides an intimate environment in a small group setting (1 to 3) people where you can excel and take your training to the next level at a fraction of the cost of personal one-on-one training. You will still benefit from world-class coaching, targeted programs to meet your personal needs, and ongoing accountability from your coaches and fellow group members. Some clients will do small group training and a mix in Personalized Training or Hybrid Kickboxing Bootcamp classes. It provides a nice variety for your training; you still get the benefits of working with a coach, and allows your budget to stretch a bit further.


Hybrid Kickboxing Fitcamp

Health Benefits : Fun| Move better | Feel great | Muscle tone | Losing body fat| Improving Endurance | Stamina | Balance | Reduce stress | Safe for all ages

Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays for our Hybrid Kickboxing Fitcamp group classes which combined kickboxing basics, weight training, and cardiovascular exercise programs for the ultimate caller burning workout.


Certified Parkinson Wellness
and Recovery Trainer

Cutting edge Parkinson disease-specific neuroplasticity-principled exercise programs that hold promise to slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function, and increase longevity and quality of life.

Personal Training

An individualized program for you!