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George Ma – CPT, PWR! Certified Fitness & Exercise Therapist

George Ma founded Lifestyle Fitness Training in January 2002 and holds the following certifications: (1) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) ; (2) American Council on Exercise (ACE); (3) Parkinson Wellness Recovery Certified Exercise Therapist (PWR!); (4) Yoga For Parkieenson Instructor ; (5) Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor; and (6) Kickboxing and Brazilian Jujitsu Instructor.

He has 20 years of personal training experience and over the years, has developed his own modalities and cutting-edge style of training. While dealing with a sports-related back injury early in his career, it became George’s passion to share the knowledge and experience he obtained as a certified personal trainer and to combine it with high level conditioning and rehabilitation training to provide programs for people from all walks of life, with a specialized focus on movement disorders, senior fitness, special populations, group fitness, and clients challenged with Parkinson Disease. In his pursuit of fitness, George placed first in his class at the Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championships in Hawaii, was voted one of the best Personal Trainers in Honolulu, is a North American Grappling Champion, Personal Coach of the Year, and the first PWR! Moves Certified Instructor in Honolulu. He was selected as a volunteer exercise specialist for the PWR! Retreat 2019 and was one of only four selected in the US based on his desire to help and learn from an organization that has a strong passion for helping people improve their quality of life.

The First Certified Parkinson’s Wellness and Recovery trainer in Hawaii.

I can promise you one thing: I guarantee you will have one of the most amazing experiences with my world class training. I will do everything possible to fulfill your goals and get you to health, fitness and performance goals.

I know your selection of services depends on many things: personal goals, budget, and level of commitment. I invite you to come in for a complementary consultation and see how I can help you restore the most amazing asset all of us have: Our HEALTH.

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