Meet George


Lifestyle Fitness Training was founded in January 2005. We operated out of Fit for Life Studio, a small boutique gym in Kaka’ako. While healing from a back injury, it became my passion to share all the lessons and training learned, combine them with high levels of conditioning and rehabilitation training, and customize both for people from all walks of life, of all sizes and shapes and fitness levels; individuals like you.

  • Business professionals wanting to get back into shape and achieve more quality time with family and friends.
  • Housewives wanting to improve their energy levels and health to more fully engage with the family.
  • Seniors wanting to improve balance, core strength, and overall coordination through our functional fitness principles.
  • All people with the will and desire to function at their absolute best.

The first certified Parkinson’s Wellness and Recovery trainer in Hawaii.

Fast forward to today. We have since expanded into a 2000 square-foot space, with a lot more equipment, showers, and ample free parking. Add to that, a Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championship, being voted one of the best Personal Trainers in Honolulu, and North American Grappling Champion and Personal Coach of the year. My experience will provide you with one of the most extraordinary fitness experiences on the planet. Literally.

  • Maybe you need more motivation;
  • Maybe you need more accountability;
  • Maybe you need more know-how;
  • Or maybe you need to get out of pain…
  • Or get stronger, lose fat and inches, and feel better about yourself…
  • Or you need to decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol, and burn off stress…
  • Or do you need to improve your flexibility and improve the functions of your body.
  • Or maybe you are an athlete or “weekend warrior” and want to compete at your highest level.

I can promise you one thing: I guarantee you will have one of the most amazing experiences with my world class training. I will do everything possible to fulfill your goals and get you to health, fitness and performance goals.

I know your selection of services depends on many things: personal goals, budget, and level of commitment. I invite you to come in for a complementary consultation and see how I can help you restore the most amazing asset all of us have: Our HEALTH.

Personal Training

An individualized program for you!